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The Income-Inheritance Trust

Making Income a Part of Your Children's Inheritance Opens the Door to Surprising Gift Possibilities.

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A Simple Concept

Convert a portion of your children's inheritance from a lump sum into a stream of income received over a term of years.

Simply Done

A provision in your estate plan transfers 10% to 25% of your estate into an Income-Inheritance Trust, a creative application of a charitable remainder annuity trust. Children receive the rest of their inheritance immediately.

A Full Inheritance

Children receive total income equal to at least the amount transferred into the plan.

When the total income is added to their immediate inheritance, your children receive 100%, or more, of the inheritance you planned to leave them.

A Gift to CMC

When the trust ends, the plan balance comes to the College.

How Parents Benefit

  • You retain complete control of your assets throughout your lifetime
  • Your estate plan may reflect more fully your values and goals
  • Your estate plan may reflect more fully your values and goals
  • You may be able to make a gift that you may never have thought possible

How Your Children Benefit

  • Most of their inheritance is received immediately
  • Their total inheritance equals 100 percent of the inheritance you planned for them
  • Much of the income received by children may be "tax-favored" or even tax-free

How CMC Benefits

At the end of the trust term (we suggest 15 years), the trust ends and remaining trust assets come to the College to be used for a purpose that you have designated.

Other Income-Inheritance Gift Plans Are Available

If you prefer to provide lifetime income for a beneficiary other plans are available.
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